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The Glossary is being enriched with further articles on information from transdisciplinar perspectives

posted Oct 10, 2012, 7:57 AM by José María Díaz Nafría
After the October 2010 edition of the glossariumBITri, a number of extraordinary new articles have been added, offering contributions to formal, physical and transdisciplinary perspectives on information. Even with these new items, the glossary is still in need for further work. In this regard, a significant number of proposals have been either entered into the proposal's page or informally communicated.

Among the recently uploaded articles you may find: (1)  Søren Brier's proposal at the confluence between cybernetics and semantics; (2) the General Theory of Information (GTI) offered by Mark Burgin as a powerful formal tool to unify distinct formal approaches to information; (3) physical aspects of information studied by Igor Gurevich in terms of heterogeneity; and (4) within the field of algorithmic information theory and complexity, in which Mark Burgin has worked out an enlightening clarification in a field where he has a thorough expertise, started in his early collaboration with Kolmogorov in the 1980s. 

In particular, the following are new entries in the glossariumBITri: