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Glossary articles are being published in BITrum's contributions blog for discussion

posted Apr 5, 2010, 3:28 PM by José María Díaz Nafría
Aiming at discussing and disseminating glossary contents, relevant articles (fulfilling editorial criteria) are been periodically published in BITrum's contributions blog. A distance of about 3 days is being left between consecutive articles to enable a space of discussion. The thread of articles puts forth a thematic illation aimed at facilitating discussion.

Since the contributions to BITrum in Spanish and English are not simultaneous, the blogs in both languages are different in content and publishing calendar. In the English blog, the contributions to TripleC (new with respect to the Proceeding of 2008) are being published until the end of April, while glossary articles -in English- will start to be published in May. In the Spanish blog, glossary articles in Spanish are being published since the beginning of March (Open Access, Commodification, Communication, Sign, Endogenous Information, Holographic principle, data, knowledge, message, etc.).

As stated in the glossary objectives, the mutual understanding and theoretical clarification that is pursued within the glossary will only be achieved by means of discussion, critical reflection in the problems concerning information from their many sides and constructive remarks pointing to those aspects that any sight might leave aside. We hope the publication of articles on the blog furthers this necessary discussion, bringing new insight to enrich glossary contents.