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GlossariumBITri's Evolution in 2013

posted Jan 25, 2014, 4:03 AM by José María Díaz Nafría   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 4:05 AM ]

Impact progression

As we informed past year, the visibility of the glossariumBITri has keep on growing, even without taking care of being indexed or referred in public bibliographic catalogues until recently. The number of visits has grown in the same proportion as past years, and readers come now from all over the globe, concentrating the Latin American countries the higher audience.  The achieved impact can be somehow reflected in the maximum figure of 10.413 pages visited in past October (the figures below show the number of visits between 1/1/2010 and 31/12/2013, excluding visits done to the domain bitrum.unileon.es).

New proposal, new editors

Concerning new content proposals, there is a number of new contributions that have been forwarded by different authors covering new areas, and -at the same time- we welcome new editors in areas previously unattended, as Balu Bathreya -who will take care of the voice "information in medical sciences"- and Cecile Malaspina -who will cover the interesting but quite unknown French author "Gregory Simondon"-.

Creation of GlossariumBITri as Electronic Open Journal

Insofar as one of our objectives was to facilitate the visibility of the contributions through different publishing means, and while TripleC (with whom we had agree the publication of selected articles) has significantly changed its orientation as to cover the areas of the glossary, we have been hesitating about what to do next. We have finally taken the resolution of opening an electronic open journal, hosted in some of our collaborating universities, for the periodical publication of new and reviewed articles. In the next general assembly we would like to discuss some details.