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Hofkirchner, Wolfgang
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[Understandable but with some grammatical missteps]

This is just an example for indicating how to enter a remark concerning the English linguistic correctness of an article. In case the article need revision or not one of the following messages should be entered:

  • Non understandable. English MUST be improved to be published
  • Understandable but with some grammatical missteps
  • Good English

Such message should be placed below the meta-data box, and above the text of the article in red, 8 pt characters between brackets.

For entering these comments the reviewer must be identified. To this end: 

  1. The reviewer must access to the edited version by clicking in the left link at the bottom of any page of the glosssary and identifying if needed. 
  2. Right after a top bar will activate showing at the right side an "edition" button. 
  3. After pressing it, one can locate the cursor and enter the text
  4. For changing size select the text and use, in the edition bar, the sizing box. 
  5. For changing the color there is a dropdown menu at the underlined letter A of the edition bar. 
  6. When the edition is finished, the "save" changes button at the top right side of the page must be pressed.
AUTHOR, N. (year). “article title”. Magazine, Vol. xx, pp. yy–zz.
- AUTHOR, N. (year). Book title. Edition place: editor.
- AUTHOR, N. (year). Web page title. [Online]. Edition place: Responsible organim. <page url>. [Consulted: consulting dd/mm/yy].
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Name (date)
[Entry text]

[The English correctness of the "entries" does not need to be reviewed. Only the article itself, i.e. the text between the meta-data box ant the subsection of references]